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Social media is the most used thing by modern people from the previous ten years.  Social media contain cosmic numbers of platforms and apps. But Google is that platform that mostly counts as social media itself. Google has produced a free email service that is multi-use and also a free email service known as Gmail. All big companies buy Gmail accounts for the campaigns of social media brands. All types of social marketing business have different structures and policies. So in this case the use of Gmail accounts is a must to obtain hopeful requirements.

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The name of Google is commonly using in these days. Because it is not only the biggest search engine, but it is a source of achieving all types of information about all over the world. So it is a common and very famous source of finding any type of information at any time just only having strong internet or Wi-Fi connection. Google is not just a search engine tool, but it is also a goodly number of tools providers. Its popular products are document sharing, cloud storage, and many others.

But its main and important invention is Gmail that should be used for multiple purposes. Gmail is not only an email service but it has also a lot of numbers of features that are important for commercial and individual use. It is a web administrative through that you can share email messages, documents, and files to other users. Today, it has spread all over the world and Gmail achieves this target in just 15 years that looks unbelievable.

Introduction of Gmail

In these days, the importance of email services is increasing in human life. Because it is much important like a postman that delivers our files and documents to others. It’s a human habit to contact its relatives and friends on any special events, so email services are known as the best way of connecting with each other. You can get all your electronic documents, letters, and any other files through emails, and due to these facilities; Gmail is famous rather than all other social media platforms. Even you can get copies of your electricity bill through email service.

With the extension of social media; most of us use multiple email accounts for different goals. And most business companies publish their products through email services and due to this all social marketing companies have enough size of email accounts.

Even common people also have multiple email accounts for unique purposes. A person who has its own website, then it is prime for him to have an email account to login and logout. You can use some email services free from cost but some are also paid and it is important to pay a charge for using it.

Some years ago, mostly social media users have Hotmail email service accounts because this service is essential for using MSN messenger. Yahoo email service also has got much popularity in some year’s age. But today, Gmail is much popular rather than all other email services. Gmail was introducing in 2004 and at that time other email services like Yahoo and Hotmail were millions of users. But Gmail has increased its users rather than its competitors and today, the users of Gmail reach more than 2 billion.

New features of Gmail

Gmail is a free email service that has endless features. As time passed, new features are added in it and some features out from it. Gmail has improved due to the addition of new features and a permanent user can feel it better. Because permanent users are aware of the change that appears in it. So if you start using Gmail with the beginning then you should own release the new features in Gmail and their importance. But one thing keeps in mind that it is not a big surprise of the addition of new features in Gmail, because Google is famous in this action to add the features in its provided tools.

All of us aware of those tools which are provided by Google for improving social media. Today, Gmail has improved itself with new features. Some old features that are not much useful for users also missed from Gmail and some new other features added at those places. Some awesome and useful those are the latest added in Gmail are discussed below.

1. Right-click menu

All email services need to multiple clicks for all actions. But Google has updated Gmail and add a new feature of the right-click menu through that some important actions could be done through only a single click of the mouse right bar. So this feature is available only on laptops and computers and Mobile device users cannot get the benefits of the right-click menu. Some important actions that could be done through right-clicking are moved emails from one place to another, a reply to that mail, mark as unread after reading, forward email, delete the selected email, mute conversations, filters, and more.

2. Filters

Gmail is a very useful and most used email service, so even a normal user also gets a lot of numbers of emails on daily basis. While social marketing business companies get a lot of numbers of emails. So it was very difficult to search for any urgent email for any purpose before the introduction of the feature of filters. There are lot numbers of filters that could be used for searching for desired emails. You can search for emails and also manage these emails in different categories. With the help of the filter features, it is easy to find emails through unique names, words, and email addresses. This feature is also known as a time-saving feature. Because through filters, you can save your important time and find emails very easily.

3. Space

As you know that social marketing companies are strict in record maintaining. So Gmail is the best option for this because it gives enough memory for online business.  So with the use of huge memory, any company can maintain its record from beginning to end and also keep it safe.  In this business world, you can use 15 GB data for free and I think it is enough for all sizes of business companies. And another benefit and major feature of Gmail is that you can use unlimited data for only $10 per month. Google has updated Gmail from time to time for adding more and more storage memory in it.

4. Scheduled Emails

As we mention above that Gmail has a lot of numbers of useful features and all features are most valuable for making it the best free online email service.  Schedule emails are also the best feature of Gmail because it gives you benefit when you away from your computer or mobile device.

So it was difficult to leave a mobile device or the computer before the invention of this feature. Because sometime you should need to send an important email to anyone. But with the invention of this feature, you can easily settle scheduled emails on your Gmail account. That is useful for sending emails at the best time because, in this modern era, all people remain busy in their work. So you can set emails to their best sending time for achieving your goal. This feature is best if you want to send some blessed messages of birthday or inform your employers to attend any important training session etc. After writing an email, you can select the option of scheduled instead of sending it. In the schedule section, you can choose the best time for sending the writer’s email.

5. Confidential mode

Thanks to Gmail for introducing confidential mode for solving large numbers of problems.  Because most people and online companies conversations in secret emails, so this feature is the best way to keep secure conversation.  Through this feature, a sender has the right of sending emails and no one can copy and paste, forward, print, or edit this mail. There is also the ability to delete email messages after reading by the receiver. The sender also can generate a passcode for reading this mail by Google. So this feature is the best way for sensitive conversation.

After introducing this feature, users had an escape from immense numbers of problems related to security reasons.  It is in the hand of the sender to delete sending emails or files after a specific time. This time stars from sending not from reading. But no one can stop to capture a picture through a mobile device.

6. Undo sending

I was totally unaware of this feature and one day I was sitting with my best friend. He was using a Gmail account and working for his company. So he sends an email to his boss that was composed for its workfellow. He had undone send this email and I was shocked that how it is done. This feature of Gmail is very useful when any email was sent wrongly.

If you want to get benefit from this feature then go to settings and then press on the option of undoing send. But you should do all this action only in half a minute. Because after that time, it will become useless. In the first 30 seconds, you can stop sending emails and this email will also delete to the receiver. The undo sending feature is very useful when you want to add or change your idea related to your personal or business sector.

7. Offline Gmail

It is the latest feature of Gmail through that you can do your work related to email without an internet connection. Your duty will not stop due to the internet connection if you are the employer of any company. This feature is also best for the social marketing business because it is important to remain in touch with customers whatever internet connection is available or not. This feature is available on the computer and through this feature, you can carry on your work without the problems of the internet.  You can use all features of the Gmail account without having a strong internet connection or Wi-Fi facility.

Some years ago, this facility was not available in Gmail accounts, but Google release that it is important to add this feature. Because it is not necessary that an internet connection facility is available in all places in the world. So after this feature, the numbers of its users increase, and now a day, it has reached more than two billion users.

8. Archive your emails

It is a habit of some people to keep their inbox empty due to security reasons. So for these types of people, Google has introduced the best feature known as archive your email. Through this feature, you can keep your inbox empty at any time. But it is possible that your important emails will be deleted. And through this feature, you can delete emails ordinary and can get a return when you want. This feature is best for keeping inbox clean and clear but through this action; your important emails will remain safe and can get benefit easily from these archive emails. As you know that Gmail has 15 GB of free data that is enough for empirical and business use, but this feature is the best way to manage inbox and get more memory.

9. Use multiple accounts at the same time

Gmail is the world’s best free email service that could be used for commercial and individual purposes. So most people have several Gmail accounts for immediate and business purposes. It was a time-consuming process to login and log out different Gmail accounts. To solve this problem, Google has introduced the facility of using multiple accounts on a single device at the same time without the problems of login and log out. This feature was introduced in 2014 and this feature is known as time-saving because it is easy to manage multiple accounts at the same time.

10. Smart Compose

Email writing is also the best skill for increasing the impression of email accounts. Because as much you will compose the best email, the email receiver will impress through it. Another thing that should be noted in using Gmail is to save time as much as possible. Google has given the best feature for Gmail users to get availed of the benefits of smart composing. This feature is useful when you want to make your composing skill strong and also want to save your important time. Because when you start to write an email for any purpose, then Gmail gives the suggestion of using the best words according to your previous writing.

Through this action, your time will be saved and you will get like an expert teacher that will help you with composing an email. Large numbers of people prefer to buy Gmail accounts because they give much importance to time and it is the best option for saving your time. The time you saved through smart composing could be used for any other work.

11. Smart reply

Sometimes it is important to reply to any mail due to its significance or it is urgent to reply to it. So in this case, it is not possible to reply to all emails at an urgent base. Although Google has given the best solution to this problem. Now there is no problem where are you busy and cannot reply to anyone. Because Google has introduced the best feature named smart reply and it also works like smart composing. You will get some reply options through those you can tell the email sender about yourself. This also a time-saving and the best reply option. In the beginning, this feature was not available in Gmail accounts but later Google has added this feature for time-saving and also to remain easy in any condition.

12. Block unwanted account message

In this busy life, no one has the time to receive unwanted and useless messages from anyone. And what will you feel when you get a large number of boring and useless email messages?  To escape from this problem, Google gives you permission to block messages from a hated email account. This feature is very useful for a busy person because it can increase blood pressure when you are busy and someone disturbs you through emails. If you have blocked someone wrongly and get worried about its messages, then you can simply unblock it in a few easy steps.

However, this feature is very useful when you want to give your all attention to your work.  And ignore all other time-wasting emails. Then you can use the feature of blocked messages of Gmail given by Google. When you get free from your work then you can easily unblock those messages and can get again these messages.

13. Email forwarding

When you work in the office and your boss sends you an email and calls to send it to other employers. Then you can use a screenshot of this email. But it is difficult to take screenshots of all mail. To save time while working, Gmail has given the facility of forwarding email with attachments. It is the modern feature of Gmail and all users have the access to use this service without any extra charges. It should keep in mind that this method is not only legal but it is also a perfect way to send original emails to others.

There is no any difficult setting of getting this facility like others. You should only right-click on the email and then you will get some options on your screen. Then click on the option of “Forward as attachment”.  Another benefit of this feature is that you can send more than one email as forward as attachments at the same time as well as a single email.

14. Checking all your Gmail activities

As you know that Gmail is an open email service and there are no hidden functions. Some are hidden but monstrous numbers are open and any authorize user can use these functions. To know about all activities related to your Gmail can be seen today with the help of a new feature of Gmail. Through this feature, you can learn about all activities that have been done on your Gmail account. These activities are consist of location access, which functions are used, used devices IP addresses as well as the time of use. This feature is very useful if you want to monitor your accounts and also check that your account has been hacked or not.

15. Use Gmail as a mobile phone

Mighty numbers of people are unaware of this feature. Because it is an unbelievable feature of Gmail. And through this feature, you can make a call to other Gmail users. But you should add their contacts in your Gmail accounts to make a call. People prefer to buy Gmail accounts to get this facility of calling at any time without any extra charges. If you want to get this ability then you should need to add Google talk plugin for Google meet in Gmail account. To make a call to other Gmail users you should need a computer that has the facilities of a microphone and speaker.

Without these facilities, you cannot make a call to anyone. It should keep in mind that these calls are free in the US and Canada but if you live in any other country then you should need to pay some charges. If you want to make a call, then simply go to your inbox. There will be an option to making a call on the lower-left corner of the inbox and select the number where you want to call and then start a call.

16. Gmail dark mode

As you know that Google always tries to give advantages to its users. So the main goal of Google is to provide the facilities to users. For this purpose, Google has introduced lot numbers of social media tools through those it is easy to get benefits for direct and business purposes. Gmail is the most using social media tool that has created by Google on April 1, 2004. So to make Gmail the best and useful Google has added unlimited features in it. Some features or useful for individual purposes while some are useful for digital marketing. The best feature of Gmail is the dark mode that is directly useful for human beings.

The dark mode is a condition through that the total surface of the device or app changes in dark condition. In this condition, the color contrast of the screen could be change and maintain in such a condition that is suitable for reading. This model has a lot of numbers of advantages because it is very effective for eye tensity, it is possible to change its light could be increased and decrease according to light condition. The best advantage of the dark mode is that it could be very useful at night or in darkness.

This mode is also best to use mobile devices for a long time without the tension of charging. Because, in dark mode, mobile devices use a minimum battery and it is effective for the long life of mobile devices. The implementing dark mode is very easy because there is an option of a dark mode on the device screen or can turn off or on through mobile settings. So it is amazing that it is very easy to use a very useful feature of Gmail.

Pros and cons of dark mode

It is the best, useful and amazing feature of Gmail. So lot numbers of people use this feature and today this feature is available on about all types of mobile devices. However there are some pros and cons of dark mode, those are discussed below in detail.


1. The best feature of the dark mode is that you can save battery timing and there is no need to charge the mobile devices again and again. It is also the best option for increasing the usability of mobile devices.

2. Some people have a problem with the ability to see and they cannot bear much light. So this feature is best for that type of person. By the use of dark mode, you can maintain your eye strain. It is common fact that in the light screen, it is easy to read black words. While it is also best to read white words on a black background.

3. It is very important to increase the beauty of the screen that increases the demand for mobile devices.


1. Dark mode is not perfect for eyes permanently, because sometimes it could prove harmful for human eyes.

2. It is very difficult to read long pieces of content in dark mode. And due to pressure on the eyes, there could create some problems.

Missing of Gmail dark mode

Gmail dark mode is the last dark feature given by Google on Android. So after Gmail, there is no other Google tool that has this feature for Android. However, this feature has also missing from Gmail according to a new report of Google. And also many users are complaining about other social media accounts and also on Gmail that there is no remaining option of dark mode in the Gmail.

According to people, that the screens of their Gmail are on light mode and there is not available the option of dark mode in the settings menu. These complaints are coming from all mobile devices users and according to estimation pixel users and OnePlus device, users are most affected.

Most people have lost this feature after introducing the modern update of (v2019.12.30.289507923) and after installing this new update, the dark mode users had lost it and the users are unable to recover it again. But most people have a light theme in their devices suddenly. But there is no coming to any update from Google that why this feature has gone a miss. Is there any issue due to this feature or Google is introducing any other feature that will be better than the dark mode.

17. Double factor authentication

In digital marketing, security has a great significance in these days. As you know that there have been increases in online frauds, identity theft, and many other crimes. So due to these illegal activities, it is important to increase security while having a strong password. For this motive Gmail has introduced the latest feature two-factor authentication through that you can make much secure your account. As we mention above that hackers hack the accounts that have even a strong password. To remain safe from these problems, it is important to use two-factor authentication on your Gmail account. Through this action, the user will get a code through email, mobile number, or app for informing about login. It is the best way to know who is using your account.

History of Gmail

If you want to look at the date when a world web then there is no difficulty in searching it. Because it is Thursday, April 1, 2004, and at this day world best and perfect email service Gmail was launched.

On that day Google has announced its best tool regarding email system with 1 GB data. It was 500 times more capacity rather than Hotmail that was a famous email service at that time. When Google announced a releasing date then large numbers of people attend it and know about its functions. So all people praised this service when they learn that many features were added in it.

Google itself come existence in 1998 as a search engine. Its popularity also increased due to its useful functions. And today there are no competitors of Google in various tasks. Google was wanted to become a competitor of Hotmail and Yahoo in the email system at that time. So Google offers 1 GB data at creation time.

Purchase Gmail account

Gmail is a single free social media platform where more than 2 billion users are active. It is a very busy platform that could be used for all types of people. Due to its most usability, all people have their own Gmail accounts. There are large numbers of people who are using email services but most people prefer to use Gmail. To make your online business more powerful, it is important to purchase Gmail accounts. Its features are the main reasons due to large numbers of people are using this service. Its accessibility is very easy and anyone can use this service through mobile devices as well as computers. These accounts are used for creating other social media apps accounts that could be used for business and personal causes. You cannot believe that you can choose your own required email address that can be used for all sectors.

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It has made a quick process for delivering emails, documents, and files from one place to another in electronic shape. All of us know the importance of time and through Gmail, our young generation has saved a lot of time. The number of aged Gmail account users is increasing with high speed these days. Because this platform is much secure and safe from all other social media platforms. All ages of people can use this service but it should keep in mind that less than 13 cannot use this service.

Benefits of Gmail accounts

These days, having a Gmail account is necessary, because it is important for communicating friends and family members. But it is its basic necessity and now a day; all social marketing business is circulating around Gmail. So it is necessary to use Gmail accounts to make your life easy and comfortable.

The Gmail accounts that are verified by real phone numbers are much secure for business. Because these accounts are verified, so in all abilities of the social marketing field are added in these accounts. So all business company always desire and advise to buy Gmail PVA accounts. Un-verified accounts are not only useless for social marketing business but also could be dangerous in the future. We also suggest using old accounts for brand promotion, because old accounts are much secure and have a long life. Due to it, you can get better results in buying old Gmail accounts for the business.

1. Easy accessibility

Google has design Gmail as an electronics webmail administrative. So it could be used in all mobile devices, computers, laptops, and tablets where you want to use it. Due to this feature, you can continue your business without the problem of carrying your computer in all places. Because you can continue your work through mobile devices and it is easy to carry mobile devices. As it is an electronics webmail, so it is easy accessibility through all devices. If you login your Gmail account to any other friend’s device and forget to logout.

Then there is a feature through that you can log out your account through any other device. Due to this accessibility, the users of Gmail are increasing. Another benefit of using Gmail is that it’s using process and it’s using functions is very simple and also less qualified can use this service. Today, mobile devices are more used for Gmail service.

2. Security

Strict security is another benefit for social marketing way companies. Because Gmail is a Google-provided service, so Google is its own self its security responsibilities. No one can use your Gmail account without your permission. So all of the records of your business company will be save and there is no need to pay extra charges for security.

You can estimate about the security of the Gmail account from its two-factor authenticates security system. This will help you to secure login. If anyone login your Gmail account without your permission, you can stop it. Because when your account will log in, you will get a confirmation code via message, email, or any other app through. So this action is the best option for keeping your account safe and secure.

3. More apps with a single account

If you buy Gmail accounts then you will get access to some other social media apps. YouTube, Google Play, Pinterest, Google Drive, Google Docs are included in these apps. Because if you want to get access to these apps then you should have a Gmail account. Without having Gmail accounts it is not possible to access these apps. Another major benefit of having a Gmail account is that you can create other social media platforms accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can use your Gmail account’s username and password to log in multiple apps.

4. Free service

All business companies prefer a minimum cost. So for this goal, the use of free email service is essential. Gmail always encourages its users to save money while expense. And Gmail is our own free email service. Due to abilities a large number of companies and common people buy Gmail accounts and use these accounts for online pursuit promotion.

Buy Gmail PVA accounts

Gmail PVA accounts are those accounts that are verified through registered phone numbers. And also could be used all over the world without the problem of blocking. Gmail consume a year for its testing and after clearance, it was an offer for the common public in 2005. The establishment of Gmail was only to sending and receiving email messages from one to another account.

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People only create 2 accounts for use. And if anyone creates more accounts then it will be illegal. The accounts are created with single phone numbers and the same IP addresses blocked at that time. Due to this, if anyone needs bulk Gmail accounts, can visit our website and order of Gmail accounts according to its requirements.

What are the uses of Gmail accounts?

Gmail is a multi-purpose social media platform. It can be used for creating other apps accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, etc. if you want to get something through Google paly then you need Gmail accounts. If you want to share any post on social media then it is not possible without having Gmail accounts.

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Does it cost to get a Google account?

All of us know about Google’s importance, so it has also introduced epic numbers of tools and all these are free. So if you want to use Google services then having a Gmail account is a must. Google Maps, Google Drive, YouTube, and Google + services could be gain with the use of a Gmail account.

Final thoughts

Gmail accounts are much important to use for the business sector because these accounts are used for business growth. These accounts are not only for business promotion but also having a Gmail account is key to access other social media apps. Gmail PVA accounts are very effective for use all over the world for all aims. Old Gmail accounts are used in different countries, so you can ignore the tension of blocking of these accounts. If you look at succeed business companies, and then you will see that all these companies are Gmail users. So if you go forward from your contestants, then it is pertinent to buy Gmail accounts from our company.